What is The Best Cloud Storage or Drive?


How to Choose a Better Cloud Storage?

Today I will let you know, how to select a good cloud storage


I explained everything in detail about the cloud storage

I am currently researching on topic “Best Cloud Storage Options in India”

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So for that video, the factors that I am considering for it would be discussed

On the basis of those factors, you can also take decisions if you have to buy a cloud storage

So these are the main factors that you should consider

I will tell you everything related to the terms used in cloud storage in this video

So the very first factor, which is related is speed,

Speed would matter for Asians because we get low speeds and the distance from the data center is very far

Usually, the cloud storage data center options are in the USA and Europe,

So the speed would differ in cloud storage,

So how to know about the speed?

To know this, you will have to conduct various tests and Upload/download files to know

Or you can wait for my videos, where I will include the speed tests

The second factor is related to server location

Where the data would be stored?

Usually, the best option is for Europe for Asia, the USA, and the UK as it acts as a middlemen

Europe has good servers and a better privacy protection policy

The next option is sync

There is an option of selective sync, where I have selected certain folders and the folders in the local copy would be saved in the cloud

Like I am working on certain projects and I want the copy of my project should exist in the cloud

And I want to access the copy of that project, and that is selective sync

I have selected certain folders and that folders must be synced in cloud

If I have done certain changes, I can do that on cloud

If I do certain changes in the cloud, that changes would appear in the local copy

If I delete the data from here, it will get deleted from the cloud storage, so this is selective sync

Now some cloud options provide with the option of single sync

They provide you with the folder, so whatever data is present with you would be saved in your local hard disk and cloud

You cannot select folder on your own

So there is a difference between selective sync and single sync

The next option is Block Level Sync

The Sync Speed would be better

In block-level sync whatever changes you make would be uploaded

So if you are editing large files then you must have block-level sync so that it can increase speeds

Sharing has many options available like Google Drive, which is used by almost everyone

There is a link sharing in Google Drive,

But sharing also has link sharing for passwords, expiry dates,

Can a user upload data without registering an account? Can download limits be set, you can view stats and

Can you provide folder permissions where certain data can be uploaded

What level of permissions can be provided with and access levels like view only, editor, or owner

So the sharing options are different for service providers

Some has provided with all options, some has provided only limited options

So you can view the sharing option according to your use case

Now let’s come onto documents,

Documents mean the file preview in cloud storage is available or not

If I uploaded a docx file, will it open in the cloud, or I have to use Microsoft office,

Which will require a further process for download and upload

So you have to check, whether the files are able to preview or not

If you have to edit, so you have to check whether you are able to edit it or not

You will also check the media playback, where you will find out the videos are playing on the media or not

Whether it is able to stream and are you able to view thumbnails, so you will have to see various factors while taking the cloud storage

Then User Interface is a very important term,

UI must be good and easy to use,

whether you are able to find various options associated with it or not

So the web interface is equally important as the mobile interface

You have to check the responses in the mobile, especially if you are using it in different devices

Andriod, iOS, Mac, or Windows, so you have to check whether the apps are available or not

You have to check the ratings and

One important factor related to it is its use in simultaneous devices

Suppose I have taken cloud storage and I have put that in my mobile phones and in all of the devices

So whether you can use that in all of your devices altogether, you must check that, as it is very important if you are using it in multiple devices

The next option is related to versioning

If I have made a document and then I made certain changes to it, then after 3 days I made further changes so,

Versioning means going back to the previous versions of the data

It is a type of Undo

If I can go back to the version created 2 days ago or to the version created a month ago

So versioning in cloud storage is usually different for different cloud storages

Some provide it for a week or for 14 days or for 1 year,

The next option is related to trash

You get the option for trash for various cloud storages

Every cloud storage provides different kind of trash option like for 14 days, 15 days, or 30 days and some for a year

Then there is an option related to security

Usually, in a paid cloud storage, you get the standard encryption of 256 Bit

It is a standard and secure

Then comes Two-factor Authentication

If you are trying to log in from a device then I should get an SMS for verification or an OTP

So this is very important for security, and it cannot be neglected

Then there comes Zero-Knowledge encryption which is related to security

It means whatever data is uploaded from the account and system

As soon as the data is uploaded from the system, it becomes encrypted and it is stored in the cloud in the same format

No one can read your data at any cost

If someone tries to hack the data and tries to force someone to tell what is in the data, then also the data cannot be accessed at any sorts

So this is Zero-Knowledge Encryption

The data would only be decrypted when you will enter your passwords and download the file

As soon as your file would be downloaded in your system, then only the data would be decrypted

So this guarantees that your data is safe

Now you get good safety and security

But there are certain drawbacks associated with it

If you have downloaded images, its thumbnails won’t be available

Since they cannot read the images, they cannot provide thumbnails

You won’t find any thumbnails

If you are trying to playback a media, then you have to download the file

if it is a 100MB video, then I will have to download the 100 MB video first then only I can play it on the system

The third drawback is related to speed, you will get good speeds, compared to normal servers

So this is a pro as well the con

Google Drive doesn’t use it

Google drive is more towards convenience, I will talk about it in a separate video

Then comes support,

Cloud storage won’t require you 24×7 live chat support

Usually, a company replies to you within 1-2 days

The main factor related to support is the knowledge they have

You will have to find out their knowledge when you place a query and the responses can help you determine it

If they do not have good knowledge, a simple query of yours can make you suffer till weeks

Next is Privacy Policy, what are they doing with your data?

You must know their privacy policy and you must read it so as to know what they are doing with the data

Google Drive privacy policy is not as friendly as you know that

They can download your video, modify it and reupload it

So for that, they need your permission for performing certain tasks and adding thumbnails

Suppose if you are searching in google drive then it is able to scan through your document

So Google needs permission to read your documents and submit the videos to redistribute and modify them.

So basically you are paying for the convenience by compromising your privacy

So like this, you should read the privacy policy of every cloud storage where you are keeping your data.

Then comes pricing, some cloud storage provides with monthly, yearly, and lifetime options.

To understand their pricing policies, find out if there are some lifetime options.

If you are going to use it for the long term (for 3-4 yrs) then the lifetime option is worth it.

With which company you should go for the lifetime plans?

If there is a new company, then lifetime plans with them can be risky as we don’t know whether they would survive or not

So that is a risk factor

You also need to find out about Add-ons? Whether they are able to provide you with add-ons and charge extra for it?

Suppose they are charging extra for Zero-knowledge encryption, as they have not included in their paid plan

If you require the trash and versioning option for 30 days to 1 year then you will have to pay extra for it

For extra support, you will have to pay more

So pricing has such factors that need to be considered

Then there is a refund policy

If you have taken their plan, then can you claim for a refund?

How many days can a refund be claimed? Is there a “No Questions Asked Refund Policy”

So these are some factors that will help you in selecting good cloud storage by yourself

I will do a detailed video, where I will add more information related to it

I am using different types of cloud storage and I have purchased some of them,

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