What is network marketing and Truths of Network Marketing

Multi level marketing , network marketing
, direct selling this industry is known by many names.

In this video ultimately you will understand
what is network marketing and multi media

marketing Lot of people talk about it discussion
is going on this companies are working on

network model but if you don’t know what
is network marketing then in this video you

will know so watch this video till the end
first of all if I tell you about network marketing

in simple words network marketing is a marketing
model the marketing model by which a company

provides there products and services to the
people a marketing model to reach their services and products to people at the earliest


what happens is
its very simple in network marketing all the

game is of word of mouth promotion this word
of mouth is a very important word since your

childhood you have been recommending things
you watched a movie 3idiots you liked it very

much you told everyone you promoted the movie
but did you get paid for it no you didn’t

you are doing recommendations since childhood
you like the sweets of a confectioner you

promoted their ladoos( round sweets) to your
friend to go there and try the sweets but

when you recommended your friend did you get
some sweets for free no you didn’t but what

network marketing model says is that if you
like something and you did the word of mouth

marketing or word of mouth promotion then
you will receive commission for it its very

nice nothing wrong in it if I like something
and I recommended it then I will get paid

for my recommendation its right to get commission
but one more advantage is that this is commission

based model what happens in network based
marketing if I told you something and you

had no knowledge about it now I told you about
a product that there is a multivitamin with

which your energy could increase and you used
it and you energy actually increased you gained

from it then you recommended it to your friend
your friend didn’t know anything about that

multivitamin but when you recommended it the
company made sales if we actually see that

the company gained profit from that person
but what did I gain from it I did the promotion

you bought it I received commission and that
person bought it too but I didn’t get anything

it does not happen in network marketing what
network marketing model says is in one network

if today I am in network marketing business
or you are in network marketing business then

your network today whatever sales start from
you to the company the company will give you

a percentage(%) you will become the company’s
distributor from you even if the company generates

a turnover of 10000 or 1 lakh or 10 crore
because of you you will get a percentage(%)

it varies from company to company every company
has different compensation plan marketing

plan according to which the company gives
percentage(%) or money during marketing if

a channel is created all the sales which are
done within that channel from where money

comes when the product and service flows through
network marketing now here nothing is wrong

but you have to understand that in market
there are two types of companies one is right

and one is wrong one is legal and one is illegal
in the legal company one gets the percentage(%)

based on the turnover if from my promotion
the company has a turnover of 1 crore I will

get a percentage(%) lets the percentage is
10% then I will get 10 lakh that’s why people

earn a lot of money in network marketing because
turnover comes and you get money from the

turnover but there are some companies who
gives money to connect people or they have

some models where there are big investments
or there Is return of investment that becomes

a Ponzi scheme you have to understand here
that the Ponzi scheme and network marketing

is different in network marketing the promotion
of products and services is done and the money comes from the turnover generated

in Ponzi
scheme the turnover will be investment based

people will be investing money there will
not be transaction of products and services

if still the money is coming or return of
investment is coming then be alert that it

is WRONG alright the first thing I told you
is that network marketing is a way of word

of mouth advertisement, it is a marketing strategy
through which the company releases their product

very fast in the market if a person has approached
10 people to promote the product and those

10 people reached out to 10 more people becomes
100 people if 100 people promoted it became

1000 people this type of promotions bring
compounding growth for the company the turnover

generated by the company is compounded from
10 to 100 to 1000 sales the person who starts

this comes in the marketing model the person
receives compounded growth of the commissions

but there is a myth here people thinks the
person who starts it at first earns maximum

which is not true because here percentage
(%) are there every person gets a fixed percentage(%)

according to their level but also understand
her the person who is starting now has equal

opportunity to earn money more than others
so if you have come in network marketing to

earn money or if you have connected in network
marketing to earn money then it is a nice

way because compounded growth sales happen
then you will get compounded commissions and

if you want to earn more money in less time
then there is no profession than network marketing

let’s move forward I want to teach you one
more thing in network marketing that here

the income is passive if you do any other
business in the world you will see if you

start it with less investment then you will
have to work very hard if the business is

big then only you can get passive income what
is passive income even if you are working

or not working then also you are earning income
then it is called passive income now what

is active income that If I work hard I earn
money then that is active money just like

it happens in a job like a self employed person
earns a professional earns to when you work

you earn money it is called active money and
if you don’t work hard but you are earning

money it is called passive income what will
you want active income when you work you earn

money or you work hard one time and you keep
earning money if you want this that you work

once and make a team put an effort once and
the money keeps coming then network marketing

is a nice way to earn money so that you keep
earning passive income you made a marketing

model once you made a team and the team together
is distributing products then you get a percentage

(%) just like I said the commissions will
come and they will keep coming so this is

called network marketing so as I said network
marketing is a marketing strategy the second

point I told you is that compounded growth
and compounded commissions received you earn

more money in less time and third you get
money if you work or you don’t this is what

happens in network marketing from networking
marketing you and the company both are profited

company’s profit is they have to give commission
after the sales but if you see in the market

iphone’s advertisement came before and it
was sold afterwards so company had to spent

before and it earned after the sales in network
marketing the company sold its products first

and then the company has to give commissions
so company’s profit the profit of the person

who is promoting the product is from his network
whatever sales is generated then the person

will receive a certain percentage(%) so even
if he doesn’t works he will get the money

so these are the advantages of network marketing
I told you three points I told you there is

no business like network marketing the largest
number of millioniares are made from network

marketing all over the world and not anywhere
else so if you want to opt network marketing

as a profession then please go for it if you
want to learn the right way to do network

marketing most of the people don’t know
here you have to make your distributors your

members what you should say to make distributors
what is that word with which a common man

takes a decision to become a distributor what
you have to say you will have to learn the

skills I cannot teach you everything in some
minutes but I have made a complete training

program for all of you so that you all become
successful in network marketing if today I

started my career in network marketing and
I have earned money in crores so I can teach

you how you can earn money in crores if you
want to learn I too had started my career

with network marketing industry and as I have
earned lots of success from this industry

I have received recognition fame earned crores
in this industry I traveled the country and

abroad that is why I can teach you what you
have to do by which you can earn lots of money

in very less time and you make history in
network marketing if you want to do something

like that so I have already launched a course
for you in which you will get to know what

to do and what not to do?

People don’t know this in network marketing
they come and try to approach their people

but they don’t know what to say they make
a mistake and make their people bad you don’t

do the same mistake I will first teach you
what you have to do after that if you do exactly

the same then you will be able to prepare
your dish like a told you a recipe and you

have to put the right proportion in it to
cook on how much flame and for how long and

your dish will be prepared the same way if
you want to become a crorepati in network

marketing then I am ready to teach you what
you have to do and at what time you have to

say this this will be outcome of it and your
people will start joining you will become

successful and if you want to take that training
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move it forward there is a lot of potential
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I will see you in the next video





Everyone is making fun of me.

Today every friend of mine is laughing at

Now you only please guide me that what should
I do.

Sir, people have stopped picking up my phone,
even they have started ignoring me and the

one who used to be my close friends they also
don’t want to meet me now.

Please guide me in such a situation what should
I do.

Sir, I’m in need of money desperately.

I’m doing hard work from past one year but
I don’t know where I am lagging.

Please guide me. I need money desperately.

I know that I can earn money from this business

You please just tell me that what should I
do I am ready to do so.

As a business coach from past sometime many
people have come to me from different companies

who are working in the profession of network
marketing have come to meet me.

They have their queries, their problems, they
want a solution for such problems.

When they bring those problems in front of
me, they tell me stories of their struggles

I feel that I should actually help them.

Well, I tell you this that when I started
my career I also started my career with the

network marketing industry.

At that time I was a college student I didn’t
have many options but I wanted to be a successful

I wanted to earn money

then i got to know about network marketing
business I was shocked.

I was so much excited that for some nights
I wasn’t able to sleep.

I always kept thinking that from this Business,
what all could be possible what all could I achieve and earn.

When I was thinking about this a lot then
what was the wait for.

I took the decision that I want to do work
in this profession and within the next 3 months,

I came to a decision that this business is
not for me.

I started to feel that the people who become
successful in this business are lucky, somewhere

their circumstances are different from me
and I can’t do this business but when I was

thinking all this a thought crossed my mind,
Pushkar, you aren’t the person who gives up so easily.

You have to learn that if some people become
successful and you are not being then what

is the problem, here what are the challenges
which you have to overcome then I took a decision

that I want a coach.

A coach which could tell me how to become
successful in this business, who will hold

my hand and take me towards success.

When I started finding, I finally found a
mentor, who told me me that Pushkar in network

marketing all the people who are working are
doing this business in the wrong way.

They are doing this business in such a way
that they are disturbing a lot of people they

are annoying a lot of people and ultimately
they are destroying the name of the industry

of network marketing.

He told me that network marketing is one and
only industry which could make a normal person

into a special person, it could fulfil all
your dreams if you perform in this business,

but before that, you have to understand that
there is an 80 20 rule in network marketing

this 80/20 rule is
that 80% of the work is

the work we do in this business and with which

only 20% results are produced and there are
20% of such work with which 80% of the results

are produced so you have to do that 20% of
work and focus on those only.

Because time is limited, if you want success
within less time then you have to know those

20% work and you should also understand that
many people do that 80% work and they never become successful.

He started guiding me step by step, he provided
me mentorship and after two months with the

help of his coaching, I in network marketing
became an earner in 6 figures.

When I started earning I went to different
nations and there I met the top network marketing

leaders of there and conversed with them,
I learnt their success secrets, I learnt their strategies that how does this business work

The network marketing industry is a 50-year-old

Ways that worked 50 years ago fundamental principles
are present today.

But the time has changed and if after 50 years
also you are doing it the same way what you can’t get that big success.

You need to know that, how can you grow your
business today.

So I learnt from them that how can we recruit
many people through the help of the internet,

how you can we train people and they taught
me everything which comes under that 20%.

When I learnt all that and I started applying
it I myself also realised so many secrets

which could help you become a crore earner
in network marketing.

I learnt how to use WhatsApp to follow up.

I learnt how you could build your business
through social media.

Today even if you don’t have any technical
knowledge then also you can learn how to use

technology and you can recruit people to train
people and ultimately you can be a very powerful

leader so when I learnt all this I understood
this information that this information is

very confidential and is very special information
this can make any person successful I never

thought that I would so easily provide you
all this information but yeah I am really

touched with the stories with the struggles
of all those people who come to meet me many

people message me on YouTube Facebook comment
that sir we want to grow in the network marketing

business, they want to be successful in this
business please guide us.

So your wait is over now, I really want to
help you, if you are in network marketing

you should know that every person can become
successful in this business if they realise


And I want to see how many people here actually
want me to give them a full-proof solid course on MLM.

Nobody can stop your success other than one
person that is you and if you don’t want to

stop your success then you and your whole
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