Top 10 best career courses after 12th

Are you planning to to do any tech course so that you can get job in even IT companies. well after doing this course you can do also freelancing according to your choice.

So for your job there are many course option you can consider. So here you will get to know best tech courses you can choose one based on your interest.

It is now true that India is growing very fast in IT sector. That is why a lot of possibilities are available in the IT sector. This means that you can do many short term and long term courses in this field.

That is why you should know about the top 10 trending courses in the IT sector. Here you will know top 10 tech trending course in IT sector.
Let’s dive right in!

Best Ten Career Courses After 12th


1. Web designing course

If you like to do independent and individual work, then web designing can be a very good option for you.

In this training course, you have to deal with many elements related to building and maintaining a site.
In this course we are learnt about languages ​​like HTML, PHP, JavaScript as well as working on Photoshop and WordPress.

It is a short professional job oriented course. And after doing this you can work for a web designing company.
And after doing this course you can also become a freelancer and give web designing service to your client.

As a fresher you can get a starting salary of 10,000Rs to 25,000Rs a month. And on the basis of your experience, you can easily earn 25,000Rs to 40,000Rs a month.

2. UI/UX web development course

If you want to make a career in the field of website design, mobile and web apps then this course is for you.

Because user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) designer, developer, architect, user researcher has very high demand.

Therefore, by taking a certified course in this field, you can get a job in technical companies and software organisations.
What is UX web developer?
A UX developer plans, designs and develops web application and web pages with the help of code and visual design tools.
What is UI web developer?
Whereas UI developers translate creative software design, concepts and ideas into reality using front end technology.

3. Mobile application development course

You can do mobile application development as a part time job in which you can create your own application and submit it to Google Play Store.
And apart from this you can also work as an app developer in a company.

There are also many growth possibilities in this field because mobile app development companies experience high demand to build gaming and social media apps like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

That is why your career as a mobile app developer can be very bright.

4. CISCO technologies

CISCO Technology is a very popular course for Non IT Experience. CISCO has 5 levels and certificate entry, associate, professional, expert and architect.

With these certificate levels, those who graduate and pass out, better job and salary options will be available for them.

5. Cloud computing

Cloud computing has become a fast emerging business standard. Cloud computing associated with accessibility, virtual, storage space and backup issues.

It provides security with unauthorised access. Google, Amazon Microsoft and HP are cloud based services.
In this, windows Azure is a good course option and for candidates having basic knowledge of computer and internet, initial modules of cloud based courses can be done.

Whereas candidates who know programming skills in NET and J2EE, can do directly advanced modules in cloud computing.

6. Software quality testing (SQT)

SQT consists of different testing types like expert communication, business understanding, scripting knowledge and security, mobile apps.
Software testing is a process of verification and validation and testing is an important domain in the IT sector.

That is why if you do an advanced certification course in this, then you can get the job of software tester. To do this course, a candidate must be a regular IT graduate.

7. System administration

System administration is a very good course option for a candidate interested in activities like user management, system security, risk management and package installation.
The salary package that is given to the candidates doing 4 years graduation in Computer Science after doing these courses is also big.

Whereas NON-IT aspirants get that position after taking the experience.

8. Animation and graphics

Like all the world, the animation and graphics industry has made a deep grip in India.

In this, you can also do specific short term courses like visual effects, web designing and fine arts based on your interest.

To do this course, you also have the Senior Secondary Certificate and basic knowledge of computer.

9. Mobile SDKs

If we look at the growth of mobile sector, you can make a good career in mobile application development.

To do this course, you should have knowledge of languages ​​like Java, C and C ++.

10. DBA (database administration)

Data base administration is such a course that can give you a stable career option in the IT and software industry.

database administration is associated with creating, managing and maintaining huge data files.

There is no minimum eligibility to do database administration course but it can be easier to apply for job after doing computer regular diploma or graduation.
Wrapping up
As you know IT sector is growing very fast now by doing these courses you can get job in IT companies.
Otherwise you will be able to do freelancing and give your service on freelancing sites. These tech courses are both short term and long term.

Here you have now chance get job in IT sector by doing these course. You can pick one of them which can match your interest.

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