Tiger Shroff Biography: Height, Image, Instagram and Girlfriend

Tiger shroff biography

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Tiger shroff is a Indian movie (Bollywood) star
Occupation(s)Actor, Dancer, Martial Artist.
Tiger shroff is among the gifted actors in Bollywood. Beside being an a start kid he wished to begin his career as Martial Artist. He’s a shy man however a really humble particular person. He is among the most fittest actors and a tremendous dancer. He debut his movie from heropanti with Kriti Sanon. He get recognition from his extremely popular movie Baaghi with Shraddha Kapoor. His debut track wherein he was feature ”Arahahu Zindagi”, it was a large hit, this music was sang by Atif Aslam.

Tiger Shroff Bio

Tiger Shroff is a B’city boy, his nick name is Tiger. His home town is Mumbai. He was not  great at schooling however a hard working youngster. He’s a gifted and hard-working dancer and actor.
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Tiger shroff Real Name

Jai Hemant Shroff, “tiger” is his nickname.
Tiger shroff Birthday Date
Date of birth- 2 March 1990

Tiger shroff age 
age 29 years as in 2019

Tiger shroff’s Birth place


Tiger shroff’s Zodiac sign
Tiger shroff’s Nationality

Tiger shroff’s Religion


Tiger shroff’s School

Besant Montessori school, Mumbai

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American school of bombay,Mumbai

Tiger shroff’s College/university

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Amity university, Noida, UP

Tiger shroff’s Educational Qualification

12th Standard(college dropout)

Tiger shroff’s Role model

Hrithik Roshan, Bruce Lee, Michael jacson

Tiger shroff’s Signature

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Tiger shroff has a really muscular and match physique. He’s a fitness freak and superb at martial arts.He’s a decent tall guy with 1.7 m height and a balance weight 70 kg. He’s power house with biceps over 16.
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Tiger Shroff Height
Height in meters- 1.7 m
Height in Centimeters- 175cms
Height in feet- 5’9 ft

Tiger shroff Weight
Weight in KG- 70 kg
Weight in pounds- 154 lbs

Tiger shroff Body measurements
Chest- 46
Biceps- 16





Tiger Shroff Family

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TTiger shroff comes from a family filled with Bollywood stars. His father is a well-known Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, his mother Ayesha Shroff and his sister is an extremely popular insta star Krishna Shroff. He’s family man, Tiger was much time sported with is family spending high quality time.

Tiger shroff’s father is a senior actor, he was great at action movies with over 100 in his pocket he’s a real gem in Bollywood.
Tiger Shroff’s Mother 
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Ayesha Shroff
Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna shroff is also a fitness freak similar to her brother tiger. She is an insta model and her gym videos get hundreds of thousands of views on social media.
Also Read – Krishna Biography 
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Krishna Shroff
Tiger shroff’s Grandmother

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Rita Shroff
Tiger shroff’s Grandfather
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Kakubhai Shroff
Tiger shroff’s Uncle
Hemant Shroff

Disha patani is a well-known actress and model. With hundreds of thousands of followers 0n Instagram, she is also a social media influencer. Very lovely and cute Disha is also a fitness freak like her boyfriend Tiger. She has an ideal shape toned physique.
Tiger Shroff’s Wife
Tiger is still unmarried(as on 2019)

Tiger Shroff’s Favourite things

Tiger Shroff admires Hrithik roshan and his father Jacky Shroff. He desires to be like his idol Hrithik roshan, dance, acts like him. Tiger’s fav movie is Enter the dragon and fav sport is soccer.
Pizza, Pasta,Salad
Hrithik roshan, Jacky Shroff
Enter the dragon

Tiger Shroff’s Car Collection

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Chevrolet cruze

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SS Jaguar 100

Tiger Shroff’s Networth

Total Networth$ 20 million
SalaryRs. 5cr per film

Tiger Shroff Instagram

Tiger Shroff Photos

Tiger Shroff Song

Here’s a playlist of newest songs of tiger Shroff from his oldest to latest movies and the album he stared.
Tiger Shroff ke gane 

Tiger Shroff Game

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Tiger Shroff Movie


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Student Of The Year 2

Tiger Shroff Dance

Tiger Shroff Stunts

Tiger Shroff initially did not want to pursue a career in Bollywood and turn into an actor, As a substitute, he was more eager on moving into sports activities and martial arts. You might have seen movies of him displaying a few of his spectacular stunt abilities that are as a result of the actor had started martial arts coaching at the age of 4.

Tiger Shroff Upoming Movie


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Release Date : 02 Oct 2019


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Release Date : 05 Oct 2020

Baaghi 3 
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Release Date : 06 Mar 2020

7facts about Tiger

1. Tiger Shroff’s closest friend is none other than well-known Bollywood Actress -Shraddha Kapoor.
2. He helped One of the Bollywood’s best and proficient actors Aamir Khan to prepare his physique for the film Dhoom 3.
3. His heritage consists of Gujarati and Uyghur ancestry as well as Bengali and Belgian ancestry.
4.Tiger Shroff went through rigorous martial arts and gymnastics coaching regime for Three years.
5. As to how he mainatins his completely ripped physique, Shroff let loose slightly secret, he’s vegetarian.
6. He has a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a martial art where the individual makes use of extra of his legs to engage in fight.

7. Tiger Shroff initially declined the offer as he did not want to follow the classic tradition of starting a career in TV shows and then later coming into mainstream movies.                                  

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