SiteGround Alternative FastComet Web Hosting Review

Today we will talk about Fast Comet Detailed Review and whether it can be an alternative of Siteground

Fastcomet is a hosting company that is getting popular day by day

It wasn’t popular previously but nowadays it is grabbing some attention for good reasons

Today we will do a detailed review A to Z and see whether it is worth it or not

We will also see the plans and the discounts on them

Let’s start with the company, it started in 2013 and there are 70+ employees

There are 50,000 personal and small business website owners employees

It is a relatively new company

They have invested and have done expenses in infrastructure and hosting

If you go to their About Us page, you will see their management team

We can know who all are there in the management and customer support team

I am happy to see their about us page

So when you will log in, this page will open up and here is the dashboard

Below is the overview and you can see the active products

The two hosting plans are Fast Cloud+ and Fast Cloud Extra

You can see as I have taken this plan

6 April is the due date for renewing it on 2021

I will click on CPanel and enter my password and I will do my entries

Likewise, you have CPanel and Sitebuilder

The good thing is the view resource usage

Here you can see how much resource has been used and what all are empty

This will help you to make a decision to upgrade

You can see there are no resources used

So it is a good dashboard, according to me it can be simplified further

So the 2 websites that I have hosted 1st one on Fast Comet+

and 2nd one on Fast Comet Extra

These two websites are hosted on Mumbai’s Data Center

Now I will talk about Server Response Time

I have seen a good speed in Bangalore 2ms and Singapore has 0.59ms

London has 1.25ms and overall it has A+ Performance

I have seen this performance in Fast Cloud Extra

So both of them have a good server response time

Talking about its speed, I have done 2 different tests

I have done one test by Cache Plugin which is by W3Total Cache

And another test is without Cache Plugin

When I used it with Cache Plugin, the speed I have got in Plus was 940ms

The Speed in extra was 798ms which was good

When I removed the Cache Plugin, the speed in the plus plan was 2.3s and Extra Plan had 1.6s

Speed is good, I have no complaints regarding it

If I talk about its uptime, the FastComet+ I have seen downtime of 1 minute in the last 30-40dyas

If I talk about FastComet Extra I have not seen any downtime till now, there has been 100% uptime

So I have seen good uptime here

Cache Manager would be available in their premium shared hosting plans which come in the name of Fast Comet Extra

So here is the Varnish, OPCache and all other plans are available in the premium plans of Fast Cloud Extra

Now coming onto its Load Test

I have kept 2 scenarios: One with Cache plugin and other without a Cache plugin

When I used the CachePlugin so I sent the traffic to FastComet+

50 active users went and it handled correctly

It handled requests well, the blue line is almost the same,

The average response time is 15ms which is very good,

So performance-wise load test is 10/10, I have no problem in it

Likewise when I tested on FastComet Extra, so I have got a good performance

The average response time is a bit less

There were no HTTP failures, they have attended all my requests

The average response time was 11.32ms

When I did the same test without the Cache Plugin, so I got to see the results here

This is the Fast Comet+ dashboard

As you can see when I sent the 30 virtual users, the response time spiked suddenly

It went to 7ms and then it came down suddenly

And you can see there were some HTTP Failures

So when I did the same test on the Fast Comet extra plan,

You can see many fluctuations in the blue lines

But iI don’t have any problem as there is no sudden increase

It is under 1s, the average response time is 182ms and there are no HTTP Failures

So through the load test, we are able to find out that the Fast Comet Extra Plan is able to handle more load

There are more resources allocated to handle the traffic spike

If I talk about its Data Centers, there are 11 Data Centers in UK, USA, Japan, and Europe

In India, it has its Data Center in Mumbai, which is a good thing

Backups are available for 7 days in Plus Plan

Extra Plan provides 30 days backup

Both are off-server offsite backups

The restoration process is one kick

But you will have to restore file system and database separately

According to me, this should have been combined, that in one click, both the file system and database must have been restored

So there is a minor scope of improvement

Inode count in Plus Plan is 3.5 lakh

Extra Plan has 5 lakh inode, which is decent for a shared hosting

You get Free SSL in both of the plans for unlimited websites

Customer Support is 24×7 Live Chat Support, which is fast right now

But I think that as users will increase, it may slow down

At present, it is very fast, I got a reply within 5 minutes

They are technically sound, as they responded to my technical questions very well

The customer support is technically sound, it has live chat and it is very fast,

You dont get any phone option

Talking about the pricing, they come with 3 plans

They are talking about shared hosting

But there are Fast Cloud, Fast Cloud+ and Fast Cloud Extra, all these are by Fast Comet

As you can see

There is a special offer due to COVID-19, you won’t see this offer again

This is available for $1 per month, so if you need this for testing then it is a good plan

It is not very costly

There are Fast Cloud+ and Fast Cloud Extra

You can see both have a good performance

If you use them with Cacheplugin you will get a good speed

So the best value for money plan is both the plans: Fast Cloud+ and Fast Cloud Extra

If you have more traffic, you can go to Fast Cloud Extra

Both have backups, for 7 and for 30 days

There is one point related to pricing, and that is, you are getting a 70% discount

This discount is not for 3 years

This discount applies each year: 1st year 70% off, 2nd year 70% off and so on

Refund policy is for 45 days

It is usually for 30 days in other hosting but here you will find it for 45 days

For payment, you will have to use PayPal or Credit Card

Talking about the renewal price, you will have to pay 70% extra

It usually happens in other hostings, where renewal price is extra

So here you will have to pay more, so try to take plans for the long term, the max you can take for 3 years

In domains, you get free domain transfer

Which is not very much useful, you can keep it where it is

There is no free domain

Previously they used to give lifetime domains until you keep their domains but now it is not like that

So be careful, don’t be confused, you won’t get any free domain

You get to see a free temporary domain which is forever until you keep the hosting

Migration has one plus point, that they provide free migration

But compared with other hostings where only 1 migration is allowed, they give 3 migrations

In software, you get the support of the latest CPanel, PHP 7.4, Perl, Python, NodeJs Larvel

There are developer tools like GIT, Bash, WP-CLI, so it is developer-friendly and it supports many languages

Sitebuilder is okayish

Talking about its security, they take any extra steps and their hosting is not hacked till now

Emails have unlimited Hosting

If I compare it with Siteground, if I think of it as an alternative to it

I think it is the best option against Siteground

FastComet is a new company

It doesn’t have customers compared to Sitegorund

It is a relatively small company when compared to Siteground

But at present, it is giving a tough competition

Apart from all the hostings I have seen, this is the first hosting which has come close in terms of customer care and support and in terms of hosting also

If I compare its pricing with Sitegrond,

Siteground has Growbig Plan which you can get for 25k, which is $6 per month

If I compare with $4.5 plan where they are giving a limit of 50k unique visitors per month

Fastcomet has better pricing and they are giving more features

If I talk about the renewal pricing they have a 70% increase

If you will go to GoGeek Plan which is providing 1lakh monthly visits

The renewal price is of $35

Whereas in $20 you will find the price of Fast Cloud Extra

So Fast Cloud is cheap compared to Siteground and it provides more resources

So if in future, the Fast Comet easily handles their new customers, if they have good customer support

I think it can be a good competitor to Siteground

I am watching over a website and I think there is a close competition among them

But at present, this is the leading competitor against Siteground

Talking about its pros, there is a good speed, good uptime, good customer care support and they easily handle the load on the website

Talking about the cons, you get less space

If I come onto the plus plan, I get only 25GB SSD Space

In Fast Cloud Extra, only 36GB SSD Space is available

So it is a bit less if you have a heavy website,

If you have video or image websites, so this can be the space limit

Same limitations would be there in Siteground

Now jumping onto the bottom line

I think Fast Comet is a relatively small company if we compare it with Site ground or A2 Hosting

But the investment they have done on their infrastructure and customer is very good

And I think they are trying to provide the best value for money option to us

If you are searching for an alternative to Siteground, then this is the good one

It will provide more features and more resources with less price

So Fast Comet is a good option

That will be all for this one


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