IceDrive Cloud Storage Review | Best Affordable Cloud Storage

Today we will talk about Icedrive Cloud storage

It is a new company that came in January 2019

It comes from UK

They call themselves a Privacy Oriented Company

So today we will do its detailed review, we will find its pros and cons

So before we start the review, I would like to confirm that this video is not sponsored by anyone

Whatever I am speaking here is based on the honest opinion



So let’s start with its speeds

Here I have uploaded an 885MB Video File

So the upload time was of 1 min 51 sec and the Download time was of 1 min 15 sec

I have got the same speeds in the zero-knowledge encryptions, so speeds are good

Talking about its data centers, you get it from the European Union, so that is good for speeds and privacy

Zero-Knowledge Encryption is available with all paid plans and there is a separate “Encrypted Tab”

So all the folders and files you will make in that Tab, all of that would be available in Zero-Knowledge Encryption

You can password protect that folder

You will also have options to use the zero-knowledge encryption or not

This is a good option as you can keep some of the files as zero encrypted and some of them could be generally kept in the cloud storage

File Versioning

File Versioning is available

You can download the previous versions of that file

Trash has no specific limitation

But whatever file you will delete from the trash would remain in cloud storage until it is not removed from trash also

You won’t be able to find the sync options

You can just Copy Paste on their virtual drives

Sync Option is available on Mobile, it is useful for syncing photos and videos

You find the sync option in the desktop app or PC

You get a virtual drive in icedrive

As soon as you install their software, a virtual drive is created on your system

Through that drive, you can manage, move and remove files from icedrive

So it is exactly like an external hard disk, which is not taking any space in your system

You can also use it only when you have an internet connection

User Interface

The User Interface is very good

It is one of the best user interface for cloud storage that I have ever purchased

It is very easy to use, simple,

Options are available at the right click

Drag and Drop upload and move options are there

You can change the colors, so it reminds of the notion

You get all functions in the web interface

Its mac interface is good

The mobile interface includes Dark Mode, Password Protection and you also get the auto-upload system for photos and videos

Overall I am happy with the interface, all the functions given here are properly implemented

Talking about the devices support it is available in Mac, Windows, iOs, Android and it is not present in Linux

Customer Support

Customer Support doesn’t have Live Chat Support, but there is a ticket system, through which you can ask your queries

You usually get replies to your queries within 2 days

I am happy with their replies, as the replies were very kind and positive for my queries

You get basic sharing options

You can set link sharing, its expiration, and password

For sharing Emails, your accounts must exist in the icedrive, then only they could work in your folder and upload content

It is not present through the link

So you can share links, but you can’t give a link for upload

Whatever files, you have shared, you can’t view them all, only the side icon is visible regarding the file which is shared or not

So the sharing functionality is limited and it is not the best, pCloud is much better

Documents can be viewed but it cannot be edited on Web Version

If you are using desktop apps, so you can edit documents through the native software which is installed in the system

You can edit, save and it would be automatically re-uploaded

So this is a good feature in the desktop app, I think others should implement this feature too

Talking about the playback features

All your images, audio, and videos would play easily, and it is decent and gets the job done

Talking about the Security, Icedrive is focusing more on security and privacy,

Here they use, two fish protocol and zero-knowledge encryption

Here you do not get the 2-factor authentication, but they are working on it

Hopefully, it would appear within 6 months, according to their roadmap review

Icedrive has targeted by calling themselves a privacy friendly

They have a good privacy policy, and there are no drawbacks

They do not share the data and they do not use Google Analytics for their website

It is GDPR Focused and whatever data they have of yours, you have the option to download and erase or completely delete your account with all your data

Talking about its pricing, you have 3 options 150GB, 1TB or 5TB

The best value for money plan is the lifetime plan

Here you will get 1TB at $149 for a lifetime and 5TB at $499 for a lifetime

So this lifetime pricing is attractive because they are a new company, so their pricing is quite affordable

So you can check out this pricing

You will get the links in the description

There is one limitation related to bandwidth

If you take the 1 TB plan then you get 2 TB monthly Bandwidth

If you take the 5 TB plan then you get 8 TB monthly Bandwidth

So this bandwidth limit is justified so that no one can misuse their services

They have a 14-day refund policy so that’s even better

Talking about its Pros, they have a good interface

There are good features for privacy and security

Speed is good, there are no additional addons

Its pricing is affordable and there are options for versioning,

The development rate from 2019, is also good

They have a good roadmap, I have provided its link in the description

Talking about its cons,

I have not seen the option for the selective sync, there is no 2-factor authentication

This company is new so there is the existence of bugs in their software

There are many features that are still under development

So should you buy this or not?

If you haven’t used cloud storage till now if you are going to buy cloud storage for the first time

You want good cloud storage on a budget with good security features

Then icedrive is a very good option

If you can increase your budget, and if you want complete cloud storage then you can go towards pCloud

Or you can take the combination of 2 as I took pCloud and icedrive both

So if you have liked this video, then you can buy from the links mentioned in the description


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