How to Choose a best VPN?

Today we will talk about VPN, factors to keep in mind while selecting the VPN

Now all Paid VPNs are not good

To find out good VPNs there are some factors on which we shortlist good VPNs

I will make a separate list on Good VPNs in India

But if you have to select from your side, the good VPNs, for that you can use such factors

So let’s get started

The first factor is: Speed if you are not getting speed in your VPN, no matter how secure and good the VPN is then it’s of no use

Good Speed is important

Now when we use a VPN there is a loss of 20-30% speed

So some amount of speed loss happens, but it shouldn’t be 90% directly

So how will you get to know the speed, you can watch reviews as to how much speed they are getting

If you are purchasing a VPN for India, watch reviews related to India

Don’t watch reviews from the USA, because they will access servers from the USA only

So they will get a good speed, but since you are in India so, you will connect on the servers from India

If you get a good speed then it is good, because you will get the same speed

If you connect from India to the USA, to access data of the USA

So the data loss I am having from India, the same would happen to the user of the USA

So either watch its review or use that VPN

Usually, VPNs have refund policies of 15 days so at that time you can check and use it for speed

Next factor is related to servers

Speed depends on servers and where they are located

More servers will determine more speed

Check the availability of servers in your country, For example, check the servers in India

If India has only 1 server then it won’t be beneficial to you

But if it has servers in Chennai, Mumbai, and Indore, so here there are 3 servers and

So due to 3 servers, you have better chances of getting good speed in India

If your location is nearby the servers, you will get a good speed compared to the servers that are very far

Secondly, check the existence of the serves in the places you travel like Dubai, UK or USA

You will almost find servers in the USA

So, more servers around you will help you in getting good speed

Then comes streaming, if you want to access Netflix and Amazon Prime of USA, then your VPN must support it

So you can ask the customer care whether they support USA Netflix or Amazon Prime or not

Then comes P2P Torrenting

Every VPN and every server doesn’t support P2P

You have to look the servers around your area,

As I live in India, so I will check whether the server support Torrenting or not

If you have to look outside India, then check the Torrent support provided by them

If you will do downloads from USA servers you will get a slow speed

But if you do downloads from your nearby servers you will get a fast download speed

Next point is related to location and jurisdiction

So before we understand this, we should know what are 5 Eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 Eyes Countries

5 Eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 Eyes are an alliance of countries where they share data amongst them

So all these countries keep surveillance on the online activities of the citizens

They keep a track of the websites visited by them

The countries that come under them, I will show you on the screen

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the 5 Eyes Countries

In the same way, there are 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes

So the most interlinked countries are the 5 eyes

The countries that share limited data are the 9 Eyes and the 14 Eyes

I will provide the list of the countries on the screen

If your VPN is based on these countries then your VPN can be forced to share the data to Government

Now here comes No Log Policy Rule

No Log Policy Rule is VPN won’t keep any data or logs

The websites you visit, the time spent online, your real IP Address, so for all this you will have to check their privacy policy

So if VPN won’t be having any data, what they will give to the government

So here you will have to check 2 things: Whether they come in 14 eyes or not, if their VPN is based on those countries,

Second, check their Logging Policy, whether they are saving any of your data with which you can be traced back

So in my opinion, if you are dealing with any sort of sensitive data, avoid VPN from 14 Eyes Countries

Check their No Log Policy, if they are locking any of your data

Check their history if they have had court cases against them, and how they have settled it

Now there is one important point, that if your VPN is 14 Eye based and If the government says to keep a log of data

And you cannot tell the public that you are keeping logs of the data, you have to give all data to govt, so that has to to be followed by them

As per the laws they have to follow it

Now this is scary, but it doesn’t happen like that

So you can take that VPN but if you have any sensitive data, I will say that you should avoid these 14 Eyes countries

Now let’s come to their history, it plays an important role

It usually happens that VPN companies differentiate in their story in what they write and what they are in reality

For example, there was an IPVanish VPN Company in 2016

They provided some data to govt., there was some court case against them

They had a No Log Policy

If they had a No Log Policy, how they provided their data to govt.?

The company is been acquired by StackPath and there has been a lot of changes since then

And as per their official statements, no logs are been kept by them

In the same way, Express VPN was a company

There were some court orders against them

When they revealed data, it was nothing

So when we see the history of the VPN and the court cases against them, so we actually find out whether that VPN is good or not or where they have kept any logs or not

Now let’s talk about the Security policy

The protocol that must be used is of OpenVPN or IKEv2

The encryption that must be used of 256bit

So I won’t explain much about protocols, just keep these things in mind

Now if you are taking a Good Paid VPN, these are the things, you will find in the majority of them

If I talk about Free VPN, it doesn’t come with them

They use PPTP Protocol which is unsafe, but all these don’t happen in a Paid VPN

There are some additional features that you must keep in mind

First is Automatic Kill Switch, you are connected to a VPN server, suddenly your connections drops,

So at that time, your internet must turn off, if your VPN has the option of Kill Switch

This prevents revealing the real IP Address, and when server comes back, it will reconnect to it

In the same way, there is DNS Leak

It checks that your VPN doesn’t do any DNS Leaks

Means if you are visiting any website, your IP Address is not revealed

For that, there are certain DNS Leak Tests

So you can watch them in the reviews or you can test them

Now the additional features that I like the most

One of such feature is of Split Tunnelling

It means you whitelist any particular IP Address or Websites so that they go without VPN

So why would you do that?

I will do that because I want 100% speed and I am already on a secure connection I wouldn’t like to go through a VPN

So for that, I can whitelist some apps

Like, I want Youtube to be a whitelist, I don’t want it to go through a VPN

So Youtube will go through whitelist, without VPN, and through my original IP Address

and the rest of my work will go through VPN

Internet banking, I don’t want it to go through different servers

It creates a problem and I don’t want a 2 step verification, I want it to go through the real IP Address

I can whitelist it, so that is Split Tunnelling

The next function that I like the most is of Fast Server

If I am in India and there are 3-4 servers, so how will I know which among them is the fastest

Will I connect with all 4 of them? No, I want a feature that tells me this is the fastest server

There are nearby countries, so I don’t want to connect in my country, I want a connection from nearby countries

I don’t know which country is providing the fastest server, whether it is Dubai or Singapore

So there must be an option of the fastest server, which automatically finds out and tell the fastest server in your country and fastest server in the nearby countries

If I want to connect to the fastest server in the USA, so if that option is provided by VPN, then it is a good feature

Next feature is related to platforms, whether it is available in Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or FireTV Stick

Also, check the browser extension, whether it is available or not

Next factor is related to User Experience

You can check their screenshots, whether it is easy to use or not

Then comes pricing

Now the maximum savings you get in VPN pricing is in a 1-year plan or in 2-year plans

They provide refund policy, which is of 7 days, 15 days or of 30 days

The renewal charges in case of some VPNs go high

You should not worry much about renewal charges

You can create again with a new Email ID,

You won’t have to do any major shift unlike hosting

The last factor is related to the payment options

Whether they accept Credit/Debit Cards, Internet banking, Google/Amazon Pay

If you have to do any anonymous payment, they accept Bitcoin, you have to check all these

So these were the important factors while taking Paid VPNs

I will bring the list of the Best VPNs

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