How to Benefit Toned Milk?

Toned Milk is a Milk made from regular Milk by removing a coating of fat while retaining the nutritional value and fat-soluble vitamins. The fat content of the Milk is about 3%. Milk is believed to be a whole diet due to dietary costs like vitamins, calcium, minerals, proteins, etc. Since our body does not produce calcium, an external source of calcium is a must. Milk consequently, is an essential requirement for our own body right from youth through old age in various quantities and forms. A glass of milk contains about 200-300mgm of calcium and about 6-7gm of protein, assisting us in fulfilling about 50 percent of our calcium requirement.

Toned Milk matches best for people that are obese nor too slim. It works best for individuals that are weight conscious and assists them in realizing their calcium consumption. Milk has an important area in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda’s study, there are several dos and performs when swallowing toned Milk or some other milk for that matter. Let us go through a few of these:

1. Do not drink Milk with hot food: even though it’s quite common to consume Milk after eating spicy food, it isn’t suggested to do so. Spice and Milk together create acid, and this could lead to gas and acidity.

2. Only drink toned Milk in the morning; if you are into bodybuilding or would like to gain weight, drink toned Milk in the morning.

3. Drink Milk for excellent sleep: ingesting Milk anytime between night and evening is advisable since it’s excellent digestive properties. Also, since it has sedative properties, it can get you a good sleep and feel relaxed. Be sure to consume Milk at least 2 hours before bed.

4. Since activities are reduced during bedtime, calcium consumption can be at a maximum. Thus drinking Milk before sleep is beneficial when it comes to reaping its calcium benefits.

Apart from these dos and don’ts, there’s absolutely no second thought that toned Milk if consumed daily, is the best mode of calcium to our body and if not sure of finishing it in its raw form, you can consume it in the form of curd, buttermilk, butter or ghee. Drink toned Milk daily and stay tuned!

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