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Since childhood, we have grown up watching serials like cartoons,Shaktimaan and many more.

For which we also got a lot of scolding from our parents because at that time neither we had smartphones nor computers.

Our entertainment medium was just a cartoon which we instead like crazy to see and in return, there was a lot of scolding from parents too.

All kind of cartoons and engines TV serials that are made for children. They are all created with the help of animations. Even today in all cartoons such as Chhota Bheem Little Krishna etc, animations are used.

Everyone loves this animations, from children to films like Bahubali, Robot and Avatar are also made from animation itself. Which people have liked very much.

Because of seeing so much eagerness in people, demand for the works of animations has increased a lot.

So, the field of animation is preparing a big platform for all those students those who want to make a career in it.

Today in this article, what is animation? And how can a career in animation be made?. We will tell about these first topics. So, let’s first know what animations are?

What are animation?
Animation is a technology by which any character, image and object that cannot actually move is shown speaking or in movement.

In this,a lot of image and objects are given energy and emotions to make movement in them. So, that it is seen moving on the screen.

Many images are used to create animations which different responsive images and they are run at high speed which make it appear to move.

The stalled images are used and operated in this way, due to which the illusion of its movement arises in the mind of the beholder.

Here,those images are displayed quickly to create the illusion of motion in objects. And these images look almost the same and they have less difference.

That is why we don’t know if there is movement in them that images used there in are not one, but different.

When we continuously see this images in a sequence, then it seems to us like a video animation in which characters and objects are moving.

And now animation are not limited to the TV world alone, it is also used in many other fields such as games, movies, ads, news, printing and web designing etc.

There are many films that are either made from animation or some of its scene use animations. Such as Kungfu panda, angry birds, toy story, krish, spiderman, avenger etc

All these animation movies are liked not only by children but also by older people.due to which demands for animation movies and cartoons has increased in the movie industry.

There are also many types of animations following are the names of some of them.
Traditional animation (cel or Hand- Drawn)
Stop-motion animation
Motion graphics
Computer animation
In older Times,the character and objects were created by hand drawics in a transparent sheet to create animations.

Many pictures were made in this process in today’s Time, traditional animations are used only to make cartoons.

Computer animations are being used in the modern era. It is a latest technique which consists mainly of three things 2D animations, 3D animation and VFX.

Nowadays computer animation is used in animated movies and games.

And friends, now we will know who is the animator is?

Who is animator?
The person who creates the animation is called animator. An animator captures a lot of images and then they animates a sequence in the image of their choice to create and video or zip file.

The animator’s work is full of creativity where a person should have the ability to visualise which can also convert plane images to grammatical motions.

Computer tools are required to prepare animations that is why it is very important to know about everything related to computer and software.

With its help, films, television, cartoon, advertisement, computers, games, website animations and music videos are also made.

And friends we will know what courses are required to become an animator?

Courses required to become an animator.
To become an animator or to learn everything about animation you have to take a course of animator.

Animator course are those courses in which students are provided with all the information related to animation.

With this, they are introduced to animation software which facilitates them to design animation.

By the way, there are two types of courses for learning animation.
Degree course
Diploma course
Both of these courses are provided by the government and private institutions.

The diploma course is of one year and the degree course is of 3 years. By doing diploma course you will be able to learn the basic things of animations

But in the degree course,you will be able to know about the advanced technology of animation.

With which you will be able to get jobs in different fields apart from this, many small certificate programs are done by many private institutions.

So that you can improve your skill even more. Visual effects, specialisations digital composting, video editing and more are taught in these programs

Animation courses fees vary from college to college. But it takes more money about one and half to two lakhs would have been spent.

Career in animation.
Now we will know how to make career in the fields of animation. If a person have to make a career in the field of animation so there should be creativity in it. Because all work in this field is of creativity.

To become a perfect animator, you must have the merit of hard work, visualising, ability, imagination, creativity and logical understanding.

Animation has become a very big industry in today’s time in which the name money and career is everything that the youth of today want.

there is no special qualification is required to make a career in this field.

But to do a better job,it is very important to to diploma course and degree course in animation along with this, you should also be interested in painting and drawing.

along with this, many type of technical information are also required such as scripting, live drawing and model animation etc

As the demand for animation is increasing, work opportunities are also increasing for animators.

Now is getting work in many types of profession such as graphic designer, multimedia developer, game developer, character developer and key frame animator etc.

And friends, now we will know what should be the qualification to take animation course?

Qualification to take animation course.
As I have already mentioned the course of animation is done in two ways one is degree and second is diploma.

To do a degree course,a student is required to complete the 12th standard and it is also necessary to score more than 45 Percent.

Some colleges in India also have entrance exams for admission. There options to choose many courses in degree courses. Sach is animation, multimedia, M.Sc animation and BA animation etc which you can select as you wish.

To take admission in diploma course,a student has to be tenth pass and more than 45% have to hold it.

If you want to study more you can also get post graduation and PhD in this field.

For both these degrees,students should have a certificate of graduate degree or diploma degree.

All India common entrance examination for design (CEED) exam is conducted by IIT Mumbai for PhD degree in India.

So that IITs and IISs based in India can get admission for the study of animation.

By the way, there are many institutions in India which offer many courses in animation. Following is his names.
Arena multimedia, Delhi
Arena multimedia ,Mumbai
Arena multimedia, Bengaluru
Arena multimedia, Noida
Global school of of animation, New Delhi
Global school of animation, Chennai
Maya academy of advanced cinematics, Mumbai
Industrial design centre, IIT Mumbai
Birla institute of technology, Noida
Friends, now we will know what is the career prospects of animation.

Career prospects of animation.
There are many opportunities for creative people in this field.

After graduate, diploma course and post graduation in animation, you will get job opportunities by being part of creative team in many places.

Such as television channels, production houses, multimedia agencies, web design and graphic design firms, mobile application firms and gaming company etc.

You get a chance to work in these places with a good salary package

it is estimated that there are currently over 300 animation studios in the country who has foreign project all the time.

animation has become an important part not only of fields but also of business sales and engineering and advertising.

Fashion designer, interior designing, medical and insurance company also use animation for the presentations of their products

As your experience increase in this field, your salary will also increase

So friends,we hope what is an animation and how to make a career in this field,you will have received all the information related to it.

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Making career in the field of animation will be the best for those who are passionate about it as cartoon and animation movies are on boom in today’s time.

Interest of children in the animated videos is increasing day by day. So meeting career in animation will be best for you.

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