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Carryminati Biography

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CarryMinati is not a “who”. It’s a YouTube channel. The guys’ name is Ajey Nagar. He’s been on YouTube for close to seven years now. He started out as a gamer. Obviously, he was low on experience back then, just another kid on YouTube inspired by the likes of PewDiePie, Machining, KSI, etc. He hasn’t revealed the original name of his channel. If he has I don’t know. Then he changed his channel name to Addicted A1. Still a very clichéd, purely gameplay channel. Soon enough, I am guessing around 2014–2015(no one knows the specifics from before he was famous and he isn’t too keen on revealing) he started roasting other people’s content. Essentially he became a gameplay/reaction channel hybrid, clearly inspired by LeafyIsHere, and most likely the first of its kind in India. Also, he always maintained an unusual and appreciable amount of decent sarcasm in his videos, unlike most other reaction channels run by zombies, essentially. He never got too ambitious. He was patient and happy with the exposure he was receiving. He changed his channel name to CarryMinati, like his Counter-Strike player handle(ie Player Id.) I’m guessing his first video as CarryMinati was COD GHOST HINDI RANT. That was something new, content-wise, and probably got more views and positive reactions than usual, which is why, I guess after re-branding his channel, he made all his old, considerably low-quality uploads private. Having got 4–5 years of experience in the field and kind of content for which there is an Indian audience, his new channel started to grow slowly.
Now, no one straight-up hates BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan Bam’s very unique and original concept is currently the most successful Indian YouTube channel. Ajey Nagar’s channel blew up exponentially with Roasting BB ki Vines. No one had thought that BB would ever be given a negative reaction, let alone get roasted. This brought many angry BB fans, as well as many intrigued viewers to his channel. People were interested in this new kind of content, wherein footage from various videos was edited in with gameplay and sarcastic, energetic commentary. Since then he never stopped growing.

Caryminati Wiki

Caryminati Real Name Ajey Nagar

Caryminati Date of Birth 12th June 1999

Caryminati Age 20

Caryminati Nationality Indian

Caryminati Religion Hinduism

Caryminati Place of Birth Faridabad, Haryana, India

Caryminati Education School – DPS, Faridabad, Haryana (Drop out)

Caryminati College – Not Known

Carryminati Social Accounts 

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Sardiya aagyi ❄️

— Ajey Nagar (@CarryMinati) December 4, 2019


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Caryminati Physical Stats

carryminati Biography
Caryminati Height in feet 5 ‘ 5″ ft

Caryminati Height in centimeter (165 cm) approximately

Caryminati Weight in pound 132 lbs

Caryminati Weight in kg(60 kg) approximately

Caryminati Hair Color Black

Caryminati Eye Color Black

Caryminati Family & Relationships

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Caryminati Father Not Known
Caryminati Mother Not Known
Caryminati Sister Not Known

Caryminati Marital Status

Caryminati Girlfriend/Affairs Not Known

Caryminati Career

Caryminati posing for photo shoot
Caryminati Profession Youtuber, Plays Video Games

Subscribers (Youtube) as on September 2020 10.2 Million approximately
Caryminati Famous for Comedy

Debut Youtube- 2010
The income per video US$ 8000, INR 5,00,000 approximately

Likes & Dislikes, Hobbies

Playing Video Games

CarryMinati’s height is 5 feet and 5 inches and his weight is 60 Kg. His age is 20 Years. It is not known if he drinks or smokes.
The best thing about Ajey, despite having been doing this for seven years, he keeps evolving, experimenting with new concepts, keeping the ones that work, tossing the ones that don’t. Crazy voice modulations, energetic editing, introduction of new, unique and entertaining characters, as well as spoofs, are just a part of the finished product. He has shifted from gameplay to face cam, allowing him to add just another layer of expression to himself, while he still plays games and responds to fans in his second, fast-growing channel, CarryIsLive. It is here, on many tired nights, that he occasionally reveals some details from his mostly privatized past, intentionally or otherwise.
Ajey Nagar is popularly known as carryminati….he is an Indian YouTuber hit 1.5m subscribers this month…basically, he makes roast videos!!! many other youtube user says that he had copied from a foreign Youtuber leafyishere and posting the same content but changing the language (but I don’t think so)
he always wanted to be famous and he has chosen youtube as the best platform to get popular at the age of around 8–10… he started his youtube carrier by posting his daily football videos which were only liked by his friends and some other family members…then he started uploading gaming reviews videos… which also collapsed because no one wants reviews from a kid:o…since he was a genuine fan of youtube so he always searches and surfs through the trending page where he got some stupid or maybe the worst videos having millions of views so he made a video by doing voice-over (the first roast) and got a massive and good response from the audience then he started his roasting channel naming it as carryminati from addictedA1
his one of the popular roast is bb ki vines roast
Don’t know much about Google Adsense but I had read on the internet that Indian YouTubers don’t get good money but I think as he is a roaster and these people get higher revenue on their channels because they attract more audience he still manages to earn 1–2 $ for 1000 views and each of his videos get an average view of more than 1.5 million and he makes at least 4 videos in a month so basically, from a rough idea he easily makes 1.5 lakh Rs from one video so from four videos he makes around 6 lakh (:0 It is much more than my annual salary package )
Now talk about his second channel
Carry is Live on this channel he does live streaming and gameplay commentary here comes the fun people donate him for this via super chat and Paytm for calculating his average income through a donation I watched few of his recorded streams (he monetize even live streams too) people donate him a good amount of money 40,20,100, 200,500 and even in thousands in return of which he gives a shoutout to their channels on an average he earns 100 RS per minute on his live stream I calculated the average amount of donation people donated to him in every 30 minutes of gameplay he gets around 3500–5500 Rs, he does 2-hour live to the stream which means he earns near about 15000 in 2 hours.
If he streams only for 20 days in a month from the live streaming only he can earn 3 lakh rupees in a month plus ads are also there on his live streams
So basically his earning is about 10 lakh rupees in a month excluding paid promotion and collaboration with other YouTubers.
As he is an active participant in ESL India and he is a gaming icon so he can also get paid from them.
His recent collabs with AIB, Nazarbattu, and performance In YTFF and there are many other ways of earning are always open for him so somehow he manages to score more than 10 lakh per month.

Some of the famous uploads of CarryMinati are:

Caryminati Career

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