Best Cloud Storage -Top 10 Cloud Storage Tested, Compared & Reviewed

Today we will talk about Best Cloud Storage in India for 2020 and 2021

So I have taken more than 15 popular cloud storage and have extensively tested it

I have tested them on various factors for speed, privacy, and encryption

I have seen all of its factors and tested it on every kind of device

I have used all the cloud storages for a good period of time, and then I am making this review


That video is about paid cloud storage, I will make a separate video for the paid cloud storage

Today we will see the main deciding points, I won’t cover each and every detail


Let me explain, what sort of infographic is here

Here it is mentioned what sort of free space is provided by a cloud storage

In Sync, a folder can be synced, any folder can be synced to the cloud, it also provides the option for block-level sync

To check the speeds an 885MB video file is been uploaded and downloaded

Upload timing is 1 min 5 sec and download time is 1 min 10 sec and my connection speed s 110 Mbps

For security, it is to be checked whether there is zero-knowledge and 2-factor authentication or not

Server location is also mentioned here

You can also see the sharing option where you can set the password, or set the expiry date

You can also see the upload link and download link and whether it can be uploaded to a user without registration or not

Rewind refers to the version history

File management tells about the files that you can edit them or not, whether it will play audio or video files

You get to see about the user interface and the pricing.

Google Drive

As mentioned here, Google Drive‘s yearly pricing is $17 and 2 TB pricing is $88 yearly

So in this manner, you will get the infographics of the cloud storage

So let’s start with the most popular one that is Google Drive

It is very popular and almost everyone is using this cloud storage

So let’s start with its advantages, you get good speeds,

There are good collaborations options for word, documents, and excel

It is a very good tool for collaboration, you can easily collaborate with the team and find out what changes have been done by a particular team

There is a feature of the video playback

Video playback feature is one of the best features in the Google Drive

There are good sync options which are fast and good

Google’s search algorithm is quite good, it is also able to search within your document

Talking about its cons, its major con is related to the privacy

Google is not known for its best privacy policy


Google Pods can automatically scan Google Drive and

If you have uploaded a copyrighted material then it is automatically being removed

You do not get a zero-knowledge encryption

Google Drive’s file organization system is not fast

It is good for collaboration but it is not good for sharing

You can’t set the passwords, no one can upload in your folders without registration

No one can set expiry dates, thus sharing is pretty limited in Google Drive

So Google Drive is $88 for a year with 2 TB Storage

According to me for privacy and security, Google Drive is not the best

But you want to collaborate and wants fast speeds for upload and download, then Google Drive can be the good option


The next option is Dropbox

It is very popular and it was the first cloud storage that made its name in the market

It came into 2007

I have used the dropbox plus account for testing which comes with a 2 TB Space and Rs.9k is the yearly price

Talking about its advantages, its sync feature is quite a good one

You get selective sync, smart sync, and block-level sync so it is fast and good for video playback

It has block-level sync so it is fast and good for video playback

It easily integrates with other apps like Office 365, Google Docs and Gsuite

Talking about its disadvantages you do not get the zero-knowledge encryption

There were security breaches in the past

Around 68Million passwords were hacked and it was reported after 2-3 years

Its pricing is on the higher side Rs.9k for 2Tb for a year

Privacy is not the best

Rs.9k for 2TB for a year is worth only when you want to have a collaboration on dropbox and you want Gsuite

If you want Office 365 and all the other apps that are provided by them, so you can go along with this

Else it is not worth it, according to my opinion, I am not a fan of Dropbox

One Drive

The next option is with OneDrive which is by Microsoft

This is famous for Cloud Storage and for MS Office

Talking about its advantages, the first is its MS Office with Cloud Storage

If you give Rs.4200 then you get 1TB storage and a subscription to Office 365 for a year

You can put all the office apps into your system

You can add them for up to 5 devices

So this is a very good combination for document editing and it is perfect as it comes from Microsoft

It has good integration with Microsoft Office

Talking about the disadvantages, the downloading speed is very slow

Uploading was good but downloading was very slow

The support was very slow in my case,

So in Rs.4k if you are looking for cloud storage, MS Office Subscription,

If you are planning to work on documents, it’s editing, and its uploading so you can set up this plan

But if you want cloud storage so you can look forward to other options as well.


Next is iCloud, it is famous for apply devices

Talking about its advantages, the very first is its customer support

You can directly talk to their US Team and they help out

I have talked to them about Cloud Storage

They have a good privacy policy as compared to Google Drive and Dropbox

It can also be a very good option for syncing photos in Apple Devices

Talking about its disadvantages, its major one is the upload speed

I got 47 min as the upload time, which is the worst upload time I have ever got

You don’t see much of the sync functionalities, as iCloud is mainly for Apple Devices

You can use the web version, but it is not tuned up for using it apart from the Apple Devices

You don’t get Zero-Knowledge Encryption and you can’t edit any sort of documents

There was an iCloud Scandal in 2017 where most of the celebrities photographs were leaked out of iCloud

Apple clarified that they are not responsible for it, but somewhere they are at fault and also of the celebrities, where they have set up weak passwords

So after that Apple has taken many security steps,

They have strengthened up the security features, they have introduced the 2-factor authentication

So iCloud is priced at $122 at 2TB

Which is expensive, but I like Apple Devices

But iCloud is a service which I didn’t like at all and I won’t recommend this to anyone

A rare case scenario would be if you use Apple Ecosystem and you want iCloud only for photos, you can go forward with it

But you won’t find that good upload speed

So these were some popular options

Before I jump onto the other option, I would like to make this thing very clear

That I have not been sponsored by any of them, everything I am telling here is my personal opinion based on my research and experience


So coming onto the next cloud storage option is Tresorit

Tresorit is a very secure cloud storage option

Talking about its advantages, it is security focused

You get zero-knowledge encryption, they have a very good security

It was incorporated in Switzerland and it is GDPR compliant

The privacy policy is clean and well explained, you also get 2-factor authentication

In September 2019, there was external testing where an independent security team came

They saw the source code and they saw the privacy measures that are taken by them

What is the kind of security and whether it can be hacked?

All these things were independently checked and verified by an authority

There are good sharing options, the password and expiry dates can be set up,

The download can be limited and without any registration, a user can also upload the content

The server locations are in Eurpoean Union, sync features are good, you also get selective sync

The interface is also user friendly

Talking about the disadvantages, the first is its price, it is expensive, you get 2.5 TB at $288

Speeds are very slow here, download speeds were very slow, it took 30 mins for that

You don’t get the option for document editing in their Web Interface

So Tresorit is one of the most secure cloud storage, but it comes with a price of 2.5TB for $288

So it is definitely at an expensive side

If you want the best security cloud storage so tresorit is the one,

If you are in a law firm and you have a lot of documents, and you can adjust with slow download speeds then you can go for it


Next is Mega, which is a cloud storage provider from New Zealand

Mega was launched in the year 2013 by Kim Dotcom

This is the same person, who has launched Mega Upload, which involved a lot of controversies

The USA Charged them for Copyright infringements and Money Laundering, so that was a different case

Then they started the

In 2015 they have called it to quit and after that, they are establishing themselves on their own, in the field of cloud storage

Talking about its advantages, there has been good speeds, sync options are good, selective sync options are given

Security has zero-knowledge encryption and 2-factor authentication

There are good sharing features, the password can be set up, expiry date, and upload links can be setup

Any user can upload here without registration

Talking about the disadvantages, the first is related to their marketing tactics

Here they claim to give 50 GB of Cloud storage but it comes with many terms and conditions

You have to share install and do multiple tasks along with it, and then it is not permanent even

In permanent, you will get 15GB free

The interface is quite cluttered

Bandwidth is limited

Server locations are in Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, and France

Unfortunately, we can’t decide our own servers, this part is done by mega itself

There are Chinese investors, as mega shares were sold to them

They remove the copyright content as per the terms and conditions

If you are uploading ripped movies or songs

They can’t read it but if after viewing the metadata there is a complaint from users regarding the data, so it is been removed

So every year they provide the transparency reports, where they tell about the takedown requests received by them.


So the pricing is of $118 for 2TB

The pricing is not that expensive but I am not a big fan of mega

It is good for individuals where they get 15GB Free space,

All their practices are having a neutral opinion, I will be leaving this decision to you, that whether you want to continue with this or not.

Ice Drive

The next Option is Icedrive

Icedrive is new cloud storage which focuses on security, privacy and it is also budget oriented

Talking about its advantages, you get good speed

The user interface is one of the best out there

It is easy to use, there are drag and drop functionality

The user interface is good for all its devices

Pricing is very affordable, 1TB is priced at $149 for a lifetime, so that’s good pricing,

It is security and privacy-focused, you also get zero-knowledge encryption

The privacy policy is good, there are no complaints

The roadmap for the future is also good

In sharing options you can set password and expiration time

Talking about the disadvantages, they are a new company as they came in January 2019

They will require time to prove themselves as a company

Many features are still under development, there is 2-factor authentication

There are basic options for sharing which can be improved

There is currently no option for selective sync

So if you are searching for affordable cloud storage which is good for beginners or if you are finding secondary cloud storage then ice drive is a good option for you all


Before I jump onto 2nd point

There are certain cloud storage which I have not included, I will quickly mention them now


The very first is the THUNDER DRIVE

There was a recommendation about it, so when I actually saw it, there is a Bedrive script

Bedrive script is available in codecanyon, they have used the same script for their cloud storage

They do not have a good response so try to avoid it.


Degoo is good for free usage but there are no good features for paid

You do not get good speed, Softwares provided by them are not that good

The response is not that good

I will include this in free usage but I will not recommend it for paid usage.


The next honorable mention is of box

The box is good cloud storage for business

But the yearly pricing goes around 40k

It is good for business but not for individual users

It is good for organizations, it is also not recommended for small businesses

That’s why I have not included “Box” for this review

There is a lot of difference between cloud storage and cloud backup options

Cloud backup has Backblaze and Carbonite


Now let’s get back to the list

The next option we have is

This company came in the year 2011, which is a Canadian based company

It is a very popular company for the cloud storage secured option

Talking about its advantages, they have worked a lot on the security features, there are 2-factor authentication and zero-knowledge encryption

There is only encrypted storage, passcode lock feature is present.

The sharing options are good and the sharing has end-to-end encryption.

You get zero-knowledge encryption in that

So you have secured sharing options.

Password and expiry date can be set up, without user registration. They can also upload here

A separate vault tab is given, so all the files can’t be synced into that

A sync folder is available so whatever files are given, it may be automatically synced with your devices

Privacy policy and terms of conditions have been very well explained by them

As I have seen in Tresorit that it is very well defined, clear and there is no collecting of unnecessary data from their side

Versioning and account rewind support is also there for 180 days

If you have a subscription to Office 365 then you can edit the documents in their cloud storage

You are getting this option in a secured cloud storage

You don’t find this option in any secured zero-knowledge cloud storage

Talking about its disadvantages, you can sync but you cannot sync any folder,

All the folders in the sync would only be synced with the local devices

The speed is slow, because of their servers in Canada and there is the use of zero-knowledge encryption, so speeds suffer due to that

The jurisdiction is in Canada which is in the 5 Eyes Countries

If you do not know about 5 Eyes Countries, you can watch the VPN Buying Guide Video on the I Button

There is not much problem, because zero-knowledge encryption is used

You can also improve its UI

So has the pricing of $96 for 2 TB

And this is the type of cloud storage which is aimed at maximum privacy

If you are searching for maximum privacy and value for money option, if you are ok with the slow speeds then you can definitely look towards

If you are thinking to buy the Office 365 Subscription, or you have it and you are searching for a secured cloud storage option

which can help you in editing the official documents on the go, so can be a good option

The Office 365 and secure environment combination is not available in any other cloud storage.


So my top cloud storage pick is pCloud

pCloud is a popular option and it is due to the right reasons

Talking about its advantages, the speed is good, there is an option for selective sync

You can sync any folder, there are good sharing options, you can setup password, expiry date

You can view the stats,

Without registration, the user can upload, you get branding pages, fair share feature

They have good security, zero-knowledge encryption, 2 Factor authentication

They have given challenges, where they have invited the hackers to come and breakthrough their systems, but no one was able to do that

So they are pretty confident with their security

You get cloud storage options for encrypted and non-encrypted

Its pricing is affordable, you get 2TB pricing at $350 for a lifetime


They have a good interface and there is an option for social media backup

The playback feature is good for the audio, photos, and videos

Talking about its disadvantages, the first disadvantage is its add-ons,

You get to see many add-ons,

If you need zero-knowledge encryption, if you require extended file history, then you need to pay extra

You cannot edit documents in the web version

So I think pCloud is a great all-round option for Indian Users

Here European servers are used, pricing is affordable, they have a good privacy policy

You get zero-knowledge encryption, the speed is good, the User interface is good, it has good sharing options too

So it’s a good all-round option for Indian users in 2020 and 2021

I have personally taken 2TB Lifetime Subscription.


Best Cloud Storage in India, pCloud

Best Budget Cloud Storage in India, icedrive

Best cloud storage for security and privacy

If you have an organization then you can go forward with Tresorit

If you need value for money option then you can go with

Also use a VPN for full security, because Cloud Storage Companies would collect the IP address


Best Cloud Storage for Collaboration: Google Drive

The best option for online backup: If you want its video, then do let me know

Best cloud storage option for photos: Google Drive

If you want more privacy, then you can go towards pCLoud

Best Cloud Storage Lifetime Plans: pCloud and Icedrive

Give money once and use the cloud service for a lifetime


Fastest Cloud Storage in India: Google Drive and Dropbox, they are fast

If you are looking for privacy oriented cloud storages then pCloud and ice drive are the options to consider

Best Cloud Storage for Documents

Onedrive is good, you can edit the documents and you also get Office 365 Subscription

If you are looking for privacy oriented option then and Office 365 subscription can be used together

Best Cloud Storage for music: pCloud is quite good

Best Cloud Storage for Sharing: pCloud and Sync have good sharing options.


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